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Corporate Education

we train individuals, departments and entire organizations

Individual training

Suitable, for example, for managers who want to improve in one particular skill. You will get an individual approach of a tutor who will teach you to swim through waters in which you are not yet so sure.

Team education

Fundamentally shift the thinking and communication skills of your strategic teams. Choose from different levels of long-term education and take your entire department to a new level.

Organizational training

Do you have several branches and want to unify the skill level of people across the company? Book a company-wide course and ensure a smooth start-up or transformation of your business.

Our courses will help your leadership teams to communicate better even in precarious situations and your employees to accept changes with an open mind.

You will learn to


choose any topic combination from our 6 modules

Modul I.

Argumentation and effective communication

Modul II.

Difficult conversations and active listening

Modul III.

Strategic communication in the online space

Modul IV.

Facilitation and effective meeting management

Modul V.

Public speech and presentation skills


Modul VI.



Critical thinking for every day

Embark on an expedition with us, into your own mind. In this course, you will get to know the pits and imperfections of the human mind, which fundamentally affect how you think about yourself and the world. You will get to experience such situations in this course yourself. You will acquire tools to help you better process media information, big data or difficult life and work situations. A chess grandmaster will teach you to conquer your mind and make better and more strategic decisions.

How to cultivate wellbeing and peace of mind with Žaneta Mórovská

This workshop focuses on the potential of our wellbeing that is in our hands. If we delve into the depths of our own thinking and experiencing, we shall adopt beneficial mental and physical habits. The content of this workshop is especially beneficial for those who face common human issues that permeate into their personal life, work, teams and the overall culture of the organization in which they operate.

Join our satisfied clients

"Interactive, interesting and inspiring. I liked the communication, the willingness to discuss and adapt the agenda to our specific needs. The well-prepared lectures exhibited high professionalism, credibility, and experience.”
Andrej Benovič
“I appreciate the captivating methodology of teaching using innovative elements. The trainings consisted of a number of practical tasks and interactions. Each theory was immediately put in practice. You can feel that they do it from the heart and with joy.”
Andrea Csatlósová

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