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We've been helping you think and communicate efficiently for six years

Together we have decades of experience in business building, political and crisis communication, education, debates and discussions. We are the authors of book bestsellers, winners of election campaigns and advertising campaigns with a positive social impact. We have built successful Slovak companies and help to manage, plan and facilitate key state projects.


What happens when you invest in critical thinking?

You will
in a calm manner
You will
be a better listener
to others
You will
be more convincing at negotiations

You will
improve public speech


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  • Critical thinking is a constant effort to improve one’s own sense for accuracy in expression and the search for the source of one’s own opinions. Its result is a structured, consistent and logical discourse. This ensures that others will understand your words in the true meaning and your ideas will always be on point. You can find more in these books. (link)
  • The price, content and design of corporate courses vary according to the client’s requirements. We will set up a face-to-face or online meeting with one of our trainers first to agree on the scope of the training.
  • You can arrange a meeting with us at
  • The price and content of the public lectures for individuals are listed on the registration form.

  • Yes. The Academy of Critical Thinking organizes corporate training in English too.
  • Public training is currently only available in Slovak.

Yes. A meeting with one of our lecturers precedes each training session so that we can best adapt to the client’s requirements. If you are interested in training and would like to arrange a meeting, just fill in the contact form or drop us a line at

We are a truly a diverse team of professionals with decades of collective experience. Among us you will find pioneers of academic debate in Slovakia, a chess grandmaster, bestselling authors, political strategists and social media experts.

We continuously educate ourselves to bring you courses that are up-to-date and relevant to the demands of the current world. Read more about us.

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